You’ve been here for like a week with 28 posts which you’ve been highly offended in nearly 50% of them, you get offended when people help you, you get offended when people give you information.

If you can’t take a sense of sarcastic humor which this and EVERY OTHER automotive forum i’ve ever seen has you need to grow some thicker skin. For pete’s sakes, quit trolling and listen up or you’re going to be nothing but a nousance. You’re already getting on my nerves.

Just for you…


now ladies settle down … both of you!

lmao! don’t make me bring out my feminine side :oops: haha

You edited my post :frowning:

i didnt edit a damn thing … but anyway … nikki … welcome to the most exspensive hobby on the planet

Musta been foosfight or someone :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh you’re grounded, you’re grounded and you’re going to your room, don’t come out till you think about what you’ve done young man!

Hows that for feminine side eh? Or should I throw some lisp in there.

You guys know that I always provide:

I like my woman like I love my coffee…wrapped in a burlap sack and carried across the andies. :lol:

Seriously don’t make me make you disapear. I will delete all of you :twisted:

I bow to the almighty powers that be oh administrator! :evil: bwaahaha 8)

:shock: :? :lol:

pfffffffff, powers. Everyone thinks they got powers nowadays.

Im still here,Still can not belive ive been posting on zx2 forums for 6 or 7 years.

You must really trust that your fiance knows what she’s doin under the hood of that car… mine will never work on my car whether she wants to or not. I like my shit to work. :lol:

Actually I do. I showed her the first few times on cleaning and messing with the idle and lean/rich stuff on the carb, after that she picked it up pretty darn quick. She’s still pretty new at it, but she’s able to do it all by herself, it’s gonna be fun when she gets her Ninja because where it’s smaller and easier to work on she’ll have it down in a snap.

BTW nice to have you back powder I haven’t seen you on here for a while, I know I wasn’t on for a while due to the fact that you turned me to the dark side :frowning: lmao