Exhaust Video w/ Sound

Check out this video I made of my exhaust and a low angle view of the goods:

My mods include:

ZXTuner 4-2-1 headers
2.5" Catback (no cat)
Magnaflow Muffler
Hotshot Cold Air Intake
K&N Filter in customized air box
Esslinger Underdrive Pulley
MSD Blaster Coil Pack
9mm Ford Racing Wires
Blue Superchip
Eibach Springs
S/R Struts
205/45-16 ASA /BBS Rims
Potenza Tires

Wish I had a way to put up a sound file of my exhaust it owns. Kami header, magnaflow hi-flow cat, and dual borla mufflers. All through a 2.5 inch y pipe.

Sounds pretty good. It sounds a little raspy, but if you wanna clear it up you can put in a resonator or Hi-flow cat. Other than that sounds good. Couldn’t see anything, 'cause I had some kinda codec error, but whatever.

  • Darron

Sorry about the video not showing up. It was encoded using the XVid codec which can be found here:
I will be getting a high flow cat soon because I will be moving and will need to pass emissions.

Just uploaded pictures of my exhaust setup in the gallery. Anyone whos interested check it out. I’m gonna try and find a way to get a sound file up soon.

Looks nice! Now lets see how it sounds…

Soon is long gone. It’s been one week and still no sound file of the exhaust system that “owns”. If you’re gonna play the mine-is-better bit, then back it up with some proof. :roll:

I’m sure it does sound pretty stinkin’ sweet. I know mine does and it’s pretty much the same setup (minus the “dual”). I’m waiting for my friend to digitize the footage we taped on Friday so I can edit/post it, but believe me…I’ll let ya’s know when it’s up. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I don’t ever play a “mine is better bit” since everyone has there own opinion on what they like and don’t like. Besides I said I’d try and I have been lol didn’t know I was on a time limit :shock: .

Hey it’s all about time limits, speed limits, limited warrantys…hmm…sounds like a local commercial i heard recently…anyways Yeah, limits man, when you post and say you did something we get all excited like michael jackson at a boy scout benefit freestyle swimming event. So yeah…when you say it “owns” what does that mean? Is that like when you fly by a Honda civic with a 40 foot wing and a 13inch coffee cand for an exhaust and before they can even comprehend that they just got “owned” you’re already gone.

side note I’ll admit, I have been beat by one Civic in my day, it was most recently, and I missed my shift and couldn’t believe what was happening until I realized it was an actual Si, you know, not the immitator, brand new Si, totally got it handed to me. Those things are stock with 160 horse power, and he definitely had it supercharged.

Note to self: (Never talk about trying to post something). OK got it. From now on I’ll keep it to myself. And everyone scratch the “owns” commment I didn’t know it was such a big deal I just meant it sounded really good seeing how theres so much other shit out there that people just throw on there cars and think its cool.

LOL, dude I bet you were never expecting such a response. using the word own I guess is like using the word color at in resturaunt while being the only white guy in there.

(P.S, True Story)

Hey guys, I’m just trying to light a little fire underneath those that say they are going to post something but never do. Exhaust systems are probably the most expensive performance bolt-ons out there yet information is no where to be found. Anytime someone shouts out that they are going to post something on a forum that I’ve started then I’m going to hound them for it. Especially if they imply how wicked-sick their $h1T is.

Funny thing is if I remember I said “I was gonna try to get sound up”. Try being the key word there. Things don’t always pan out but obviously thats my bad so I’m sayin now that I don’t know if I’ll ever find a way to get sound…not like i was even talkin it up all that much so let me rephrase my initial “own” comment, “In my opinion it sounds pretty good.”

alright guys, I think we’ve forgotten that online you can’t tell when someone is just kidding with accents of voice, I highly doubt that anyone is trying to put down anyone else’s car, (as in owning the same model vehicle), making fun of some queer’s civic is fine but dissing another Zxtuner is so not cool, I don’t think sully intended anything like that my2000zx2, so I think you guys should kiss and make up. We’re involved in a brotherhood, all about assisting people in ways to tune their own vehicles, their way. Damnit I hate acting like Dad, or the godfather for that matter. 8)

I didn’t think that he was trying to put down my car. In fact, I’m only trying to get people to follow through with things. People say they’re gonna “try” because they’re too lazy to really “do” it. If a forum is going to be successful then we can’t have one year gaps between posts that say they are going to do something. It took all but 10 minutes for me to capture the video, transfer it to my computer, encode it, trim it, and upload it. In lieu of an apology, I will simply say thank you to Mr. Sully for saying that my exhaust sounded pretty good. Gitt can handle the “kissing” and making up part. You set yourself up for that one homeboy - PWNED! SCH1ZN1T! :twisted:

Hey I really appreciate this wonderful opportunity to kiss ANOTHER guy, yes I said ANOTHER. I recently attended pride fest in milwaukee and have a new outcome and understanding in life.

Well its kinda hard to capture and upload video when I don’t have anything to do it with. I was tryin to get someone to come over so I could use their but our schedules conflict bad, seein as he works nights and me days. Plus the only other shop near us closed up so we’ve been havin to work 12 hour shifts and trainin new people to compensate for the boom in business. Mainly just wanna come home and relax with my girl, I haven’t even got to drive my car in over a week, kinda sad really i miss it. :cry: But thank you for the lazy comment thats awesome… oh and your welcome on the compliment, really does sound nice.

Where’s the love, I thought the crack about pride fest was hilarious! oh well. Yeah sully I know what it’s like to just want to chill with the girl and and drive the Z, It’s a feeling of freedom and it makes me glad we live in this beautiful country, especially wisconsin, I’m sorry for those of you who don’t get to cruise through the Wisconsin countryside. Although i was cruising through Georgia a couple months ago. That’s beautiful also

Well, at least you have your pride.
Also, two words will solve your uploading problems: DVD CAMCORDER :wink: