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We will soon have some new forums for the up and coming new ZX2. will cater to both the new and old.

I dont think they are coming out with a new zx2

Why do you say that?

i would have to agree… its not really a Z its the blah focus…with the zx2 emblem on it…sigh maybe it will look better on the last design

well i work for Ford Motor and they always bring out a prototype and never (9times out of 10 ) act on it . And especially now the way ford situation is at the moment.

What do you do at ford?

zx2 pride from what i was told on Fords future plans. tHe cars are going to be built. Fords going with a true world wide program. to keep the Fosuc build cost down

I would like some info… That would be a pretty sweet car if they made it turbo… Mmmm… An actually fast Ford.

Smart move on Fords part if you ask me. This will truly make their ‘modular’ programs modular.

I know what your saying . i brought that up to a couple of engineers at ford . my question to them was about the ford focus in europe (focus st ), which is pretty nice. why dont they bring that over here? They told me they were not sure why . If you want look this up

[url=] ... ocusST.htm[/url]

this vehicle was on top gear tv show .

The focus ST reminds me of a zx3 with a slightly longer nose off of my 03 zx2. And whats up with the 2.5L inline 5-cylinder engine? A 5 banger?
There is something very symatrical about a 4-cylinde, 6 cylinder, 8 cylinder.

Something not kosher about a 5-banger.

Hopefully I am wrong. I like fords.

5 cylinder is a fairly popular motor overseas. And with Ford being involved with Volvo so closely that’s more than likely where they got it. I believe there s60r has a 5 cyl. turbo.

Chevy’s got 'em too. The new Colorado’s come with 5cyl engines. (S-10 replacement)

  • Darron

There’s nothing wrong with using a 5cyl engine. I would buy a car with that setup. If you look back in history, there was a 3cyl car. I believe it was made by Toyota or Honda.

The Geo Metro was 3 cylinder wasnt it?

You right.

I edited the link so that it worked

Hmm, a 5 clyinder engine making 300 hp, or a 4 making 240… I’ll take the 5. It’s an I5, so it’s not like it’s not unbalanced or anything. It’s like half a V-10. They use it in the Focus ST and the Volvos. Soon, when they bring the current Focus chassis over here, you will be able to swap in the ST engine.

Am I the only one who thinks that a Focus stealing the ZX2 emblem is a little wrong? If this car comes out and someone asks what we drive there going to immediately ecuate us with this new…thing. We already dont have enough recognition in the aftermarket tuning world as it is but now we will be compared to this new car that is just going to steal our name. if he car has to come out I would want them to change the name. Call it what it is, a Focus. Give it a real nice after name look at Dodge with th dodge “Nirto” what the hell. What I mean is call it something like the Ford Focus TDR (two-door) or something like that. Anyone agree?

I’m down. If we don’t then soon all we can say to avoid confusion is calling our car an escort.


No offense to our escort brethren.

99fordxz2… I hate to burst your bubble, but most dealers and dealership think of the zx2 as a focus. Goto any ford dealership and ask them what a zx2 is / was and they will more then likely tell you a focus.