Can you believe gas prices!?

Can you guys believe how high the price of gas is now!? It’s just so ridiculous!! Gas just jumped up to $2.99 9 a gallon here in Toledo. I know the Z gets really good gas milage but it still hurts my wallet to fill up. It is only going to get worse too because of hurricane katrina or whatever other excuse they come up with.


I AGREE FULLY. THIS IS BS, my prices havent gone up yet but I just payed $27 to fill up my tank w/ about 1/10th of tank left. Before the begining of the summer I could fill up on just $20 with the needle below the red line.

i work with my stepdad and we take his car to work ( an hour away for now ) and its a 93 stealth r/t and it took 41 bucks to fill up but we can run on one tank for a week

Sad really thing is gas stations make around 10-15 cents a gallon so if at least half the people in the country boycotted gas for like 3 days they’d lose enough revenue to be forced to drop and if stations boycotted it from national sellers then they’d have to drop prices to but since no one can seem to go without it, its just gonna keep goin up. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with this for long, I’m beggin for the 2 dollars a gal back.

In some ways I think that was the plan sully… to make people beg for 2$/gal back.

My grandfather has another idea about gas prices that seems to make sense to me anyway. Keep in mind gas stations dont make that much money off of gas. Most of their profit comes from the goods inside the stores. His idea has to do with the government paying off the national debt with the fuel revenue.

I am going to research it and find out if that indeed is actually happening. I know its stressful having to pay this much when just a year ago we were paying less then 2$.


If you look at the 2nd post in this topic, its mine, and in it I said I payed $27 to fill up my car at $2.49 a gallon. NOW its going to cost me $34 to fill at $2.82 a gallon. The price jumped $.33 over night here. $2.82 is the price at BP just down the road from me. This is BS.

Man if they are paying off national debt, gas prices are going to jump to a few thousand a gallon. We have the largest debt in all the countries.

your right about us having the biggest debt. infact, foreign countries own more of our debt then we do, specifically, I believe China has the biggest stake in what our debt is.


This is a bit Off-Topic as the headline reads, but it is historically proven that a country/nation has not survived over 200 years with the same government unless some major changes take place.

Perhaps this War, Gas prices and the Other political lies will be come the breaking point for this country that has lasted 229 years. Perhaps it’s a time to restructure our government?

The average price of gas in Buffalo, NY is $2.703

Gas over here is .92 pence per litre. The exchange rate is 1 pound equals 1.72 dollars. There are 3.8 litres in a gallon. So…

.92 pence x 1.72 = $1.59 per litre.
$1.59 x 3.8 = $6.01

That makes the price of gas over here $6.01 per gallon.

I feel your pain.

Yea but gas in Europe is always expensive lol. I got gas last sunday at $2.58, today it’s at $2.64 but thats at the station I goto with the cheapest. Most selling at $2.90. I believe the jump in the last few days I heard was due to the hurricane in the south.

Maybe with the destruction on some shipping yards but I think thats probably just and excuse. News today shown a gas station in Kansas City where 89 is now $3.09 a gal. It hasn’t reached me up in north kansas city yet but it’ll only be a matter a time. They’re prospectin a jump to around 5 dollars in the next month or so but I don’t think it’ll reach that. 5 dollars comon anyone with a part time job, or minimum wage wouldn’t even be able to make it to work and make a living. Jobs would collapse without workers. Everyone would be forced to quit or try and relocate to a closer job or home within walking distance. It’s gettin expensive even for me I’ve had to cut back on somethings and I make good money. Sad to say but mirrors right if somethin don’t change the gov’t and countries gonna come crashin down soon. Hopefully we just come out of it better than we went in.

Yeah, since they’re losing money from all those people not buying/using gas so the rest of us have to fill their pockets ourselves. :slight_smile:

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$5.00 next month? Really? That’s ridiculous.

I guess I’m gonna have to start riding my bike to work. It’s about a half-hour drive on bike, I hope. Perhaps I could work out with my boss that I work from home that would definitely save me money.

My fear is what happens when it gets cold? When winter hits us here in the northern part of the country? I certainly can’t ride my bike through snow. And I’m betting it’s going to be a horrible winter up here because of the lake’s temperature.

Regardless of everything, it will definitely change the dynamics of the country. My father’s horses won’t seem like that big of an investment anymore if gas prices continue upward.

lol…Too costly to buy gas, so we resort back to real horse power.

In Madison, Wisconsin right now its $3.18 for Regular… its expected to go up another $0.20 by tomorrow morning :frowning: Things need to change but we are not even close to this country falling apart. We just need to start spending less and saving more. We can’t keep living beyond our means. Our whole country is living far better than what we can actually afford. We need to stop worrying about other countries and worry about our own people. We can’t be everyones big brother or sister for ever. They need to grow up too. Just my $0.02

$5.00 a gallon!? Yikes!! I don’t even want to think of that. It Jumped to $3.09 a gallon for regular gas here in Toledo today. There is no way I could walk or bike to my job. My work is a half hour away from my house and that is driving on the e-way. Wouldn’t mind switching to real horse power though. But on second thought it might cost just as much if not more to feed them. Plus they make stinky messes. EEWWWW!!


Scratch that, prices locally are at $3.15, my cheap gas station is out of regular. Looks like the gas trucks at late on shipments for some reason, good thing my ZX2 and Probe have 3/4 tanks each cause they are suppose to arrive tomorrow or in 2 days. Just heard Gov. Bush in FL just announced that FL residents about gas shortages in that state. Wonder whats going on. Are they delaying trucks on purpose (the gas companies that is)? Or are they just rerouting the trucks due to the demand going to other places first? And IDK about $5.00 by next month but all of this I believe is all due to Gas companies overcharging. For example, what happened to the refinary in LA accounts for only 10% of production and thats production, not supply. Gas companies have stock piles of gas as of now. The price of a barrel has gone up only 5% where as the cost of gas at the pump has gone many more times over 5%.

we are heading towards another 1970s gas crisis i fear…

Na, and I just saw $3.12 coming home today from school, and that was at the place thats usually the cheapest around here.

The around 5 dollar thing is just speculation, like I said I don’t see it gettin that far out of hand but I’m sure it’ll get into the upper 3’s close to 4 dollars.

News just said that gas prices are to raise $.50 just today, not shure where this is taking place, but reporters here said this. Its now up $1 more per gallon then it was a week ago.