Can you believe gas prices!?

Well, as of next week. I will be biking to my jobs everyday. Gas is just not affordable with my current budget. It’s gonna get interesting to say the least.

Gas in missouri is to hit over $4 dollars by monday.

here in La Crosse, WI it was up to 2.99 and yesterday it went down 20 cents to 2.79… im hoping the trend continues :smiley:

We’re still holding steady at 2.99 I can only hope that we get the same result WI got, and more! Like say…1.50 at least…? lol In my dreams…oh wait…that’s they pay ME 1.50/gal to fill up. :slight_smile:

  • Darron

I filled up for 2.95 yesterday. I waited as long as long as I possibly could to get gas just because I was hoping that prices would go down a little bit. Good news is I got 31.5 miles to the gallon with the last tank so I was pretty excited about that. I really hope they continue to go down.


post just to let you guys in on something I thought was pretty funny.

we have a bunch of greedy schmucks here in NY. One of our local radio stations, WPDH, waged a war on gas prices this morning. Most of hte places in the area have been increasing their prices by 30, 40, 50, 60 cents per gallon more then what is normally acceptable. Most gas stations charge $.10 over their purchase price.

The DJ’s (in their 2nd morning on the air) called out these price gaugers, and are reporting them to federal athorities. its rediculous around here… $3.40 for 87 at some places, god forbid you need hi-test… $3.80. it tooke me 35$ to fill up my tank today… thats creeping up on what it took to fill our Jeep GC at work just 2 months ago.