lol. Sometimes I can’t help myself.

BOT THATS A BIG muffler!! you have there lol

See Darth…told you he’s been peeking. :lol:

Nice. Where did you order that from?

Woot! Congrats! Now take the same picture with the pirate outfit on and your all set! LOL!

I thought Koi was the Pirate/Ninja?

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he is. but Darth posted a video of Deliahs (sp? sorry) b-day party and he was dressed as a pirate. Guess we have pirate competion here now! lol!

Hehe, I’ve done ninja before too. Gotta find the pic. I got the muffler off of They posted a deal, 155 shipped right here on the site. There should be like one more.

haha yea dude borla is where its at!!! thay sound mean as hell i love mine its deep and throaty keep up the good modin bro! screw the rices and screw weedeaters! fast ?????? who is from around PA ill be holding a meet this summer for sure and i want a decent turn out guys come on now hit me up anyone at all that wants to help out and get some heads together and fast ass zx2s call me!!! i don’t get on the computer much hit me up on my cell!!! number is 724-833-1280 thanks alot don’t be scared to call this meet is goin down one way or another and i want it to be big!!!

Since you have the muffler now , all you need is a header ,custom downpipe , a high flow cat , and 2 1/4" to 2 1/2 " piping to get the full amount of power the car actually has …I’m useing 2/ 1/2" !!!

very cool, btw nice hair :slight_smile:

Unless you get the (I think) OBX shorty header, you don’t need a custom down pipe. The full length headers available already have that for you, requiring only custom tubing from the flexpipe back to your new Borla. Unless you plan to boost, stick with 2.25" tubing.

  • Darron

lol, many people think so.

Should this be what I ask for when I have it installed? I’m going in to a shop on friday. Details please!

Should this be what I ask for when I have it installed? I'm going in to a shop on friday. Details please!

When installing your new Borla Muffler, only the muffler needs to be replaced.

You could spend the extra money, but at this point it is unnessary. If you get a new header, then I would put the money into exhaust from the headers back to the muffler. At this point, ask us or a muffler shop about the type of bends they can create before paying.

A “flex pipe” looks like a chinese finger trap. It is designed to allow the some “flex” when the engine moves inside the engine bay.

I would say get it when the muffler’s installed 'cause it’ll be done. Depending where you go it will probably cost an extra $150 bucks…oh yeah, you’re in CA, $200.

And I don’t know about everyone else, but I would ask for a resonator to be put in-line between the flex and muffler. I don’t remember the length, but you can probably just ask for the same size as the one available from Trubendz. I’m glad I have mine.

  • Darron

Bah, with a resonator I’ll be loosing some power. Besides, I like the idea of the car sounding like its got a monster under the hood (which at some point it will). As for the headers, won’t that be throwing my CARB legal status out the window here in CA?

Why would your carb status be affected by a header? Carb legal status would only be lost if your Cat were misplaced.

I have a paceshitter(not stellar but better than stock) and I still have my stock cat. Carb status OK. :evil:

With a long tube header you just need to add in a high flow CAT somewhere along the line. Some people will add in the high flow cat in place of a resonator.

A question for somebody who knows. How much power would actually be lost by a resonator? :?

Ok, totally mixed up here. God I’m such a newb. Can someone take pity on me and start from scratch and work up on this? The install happens friday.

There is a picture of ONE of the two CATs on my car. When Trubendz came out with the CATback with CAT I jumped on the deal. I was supposed to get a header to eliminate the stock cat but the older members here remember what happened with that deal.

I also thought that CARB legal meant that the parts you put on your car had to be CARB certiified. It doesnt matter if you put any old CAT or Exhaust on, it has to be certified to be legal. I dont live in Cali so maybe some of you west coasters can shed light on this subject.

That is my major concern, to do all this work and suddenly fail my smog test. Out here in CA, they sick a sensor up the car’s tail pipe to measure for smog, not just connecting to the car’s computer.

But your all saying that if I get a whole system done now it would be best right? Like say, the ZXTuner 4-2-1 header and the Borla installed in one shot?

Give your muffler shop a call and ask if a muffler needs to be CARB legal to be put on. It is crazy in CA, a peice of steel needs to be approved and yet has no effect on emissions.