all i have to say to you guys is get the sct x-2 after you get some decent bolt ons on because ill tell you this i have just about got max performance out of it and my zx2 rips i mean rippppssss it has been the best thing of done to the z yet

Ok, talked to Rob at ZXTuner, and he says that in CA my options at this point would be limited to a JBA Shorty Header and the borla. That would still put me at better than stock. Anyone know where I can get a JBA FAST. LOL.

BTW, thanks for all the info guys.

Anyone know where I can get a JBA FAST

Yup. Click the link in my signature.

lol. I = newb. AGAIN. Jeze I’m on a roll.

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I forgot about you being in gay CARB CA. I know this is too late being Saturday ‘n’ all, but I would just do the shorty header and you should still be able to throw on a cat-back without throwing off your CARB status.

So what happened with your install?

Another option might be to save your factory exhaust and just swap it out for the emission cert, then take it back off. I know other guys in other places are willing to do that.

  • Darron

I talked to the guy at the shop and rescheduled. He is gonna install the Borla for me at a discount, then once I get ahold of the JBA he’s gonna install that afterwards. All that will keep my CARB legal status, then he is gonna help with any further things that can squeeze out some more power. He’s had experience with compact cars and has a few ideas.

Just pondering some options here. Anyone have data showing the difference in performace with the ZXTuner 4-2-1 header and the JBA?

It’s installed!!!

A vid of how it sounds.

very nice!

2 thumbs up!

I’m really feeling the need for a WW kit now.

that will look sweet on your white Z :evil:

I'm really feeling the need for a WW kit now.

…it’s so addictive, isn’t it?