Bigger Brakes for the ZX2

Anyone ever notice that the ZX2 rear rotors only use a small amount of the brake friction surface anyone interested in a big brake kit for front and rear of the zx2?

if they work better than stock sure… what about bias controller?

definately interested in the bigger brakes! would it be part of your disc brake conversion (different stage?)?

I already have the EGT brake setup ready to go on my car (I dont have all the tools to finish the project!!!).

I would love it if the kit that I’m planning to purchase from you is a bigger brake system. Though I guess that would bring the price up a bit. :smiley:

well if i used like the cobra r calipers and made my own steering nuckles should be feasible…

would it be possible to just make an adapter for the calipers to mount to the stock knuckles? or does that change the dynamics / dimensions of the brake system?

dont know have to break out autocad

Ah autocad, I sell that program at my store.

This is me trying to be part of this level of the conversation.


what store do you own? got a website id perfer to buy my software form ppl in here than joe blow…

Own? Wow, I wish. I only work there, I’m the lead Apple Computer Tech at my campus computer store. I’m graduating in under a year and probably gonna go work at an Apple store. If you ever need tech support on an Apple machine I’m there though.

thanks for the offer but i tend to lean toward pc’s and windows based i have an uncle that works for IBM so he keeps me in free up to date technology and parts

So yeah I need a big break kit all around… plus new suspension. :wink:

well hopefullt this month i send you the specs for the fully adjustable coilover kit… not a conversion a full kit complete assembled etc… im basing them on an adjustable dampening strut cartridge…

Sounds like a killer setup.

just working on something that works beter than the cheap alternatives…

Heh, mind if I hold off on my order till you finish? I really like this idea.

its you money lol i dont mind i want you to get what you want… i was alos looking at making one with wilwood dual piston calipers… well at least i think thats a cool idea…

Considering the kinda power you are researching into giving our little Zs, I wouldn’t mind a bit of overkill on the brake system. Performace seat belts will be a must!


nah the windsheild will stop you lol…

OUCH! from experience!!!