500Hp RWD ZX2 AFFORDABLE Application

How would you feel about being able to lay down a patch with a RWD Zetec beast? Would you feel a little more confident about trying to take on a heavily modded domestic muscle or maybe a higher end import than the dime a dozen tuners that roll the streets?

Well the time is here. Ever since a video clip of a Escort GT and a 800whp Supra blazed across the internet (Googlevideo Stockholm Getaway 2) I have been seeking a way to make my escort ZX2 lay it down like the GT(without running it off a cliff)

First was the Hp, no problem there I promise. A new contact with Jayco automotive soon turned my dreams into reality. Soon after I found out that the RWD conversion is possible with some help from a few friends on the other side of the pond (UK).

The set up we will be running is a stage 3 engine,stage 3 6spd trans, new LSD, RnP steering, full suspension upgrade, Big Brake kit, turbo FMIC and oh yes you cant forget the most important thing of all…RWD (and if I really have to spell it out for some of you…All Disc brakes)!!

It’s going to take a min for everything to worked out and parts for the RWD axle brackets etc etc etc patent before we distribute the kit to the masses. So do your best and don’t wrap it around the poll before it comes out, because as you are probably painfully aware…the Escort is finished. The most trusted name in ford is finally being dropped.

I will keep posted on the progress with pics and step by step of the first RWD ZX2 that we roll out. We will also be attending SEMA and Hot import nights to debut the the kit. We are shooting for next years show. As long as funds and luck with fitmentdurability holds out we should hit that goal (operative word being should).

Keep patience and see ya soon!!

Something extra special which some of you may or may not know about but still fun as hell to look at for the true escort/ZX2 fanatic.

http://www.JAYCOAutomotive.com  RWD aside he has some amazing ZX2 Perf parts. [url=http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-946444266198397342&q=stockholm+getaway+2&hl=en]http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... ay+2&hl=en[/url]

and that is the sickest escort to ever laydown (and to go flying off a cliff too)

Is there any validity to this claim. Sorry but allot of stuff has been promised before in that past with people disappearing and/or not producing what they promise. Also I just noticed you signed up today and this is like your first post Not trying to be negative here but just asking questions its my job :wink:

Also we need pics of the build up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m down

Anything that follows in the footsteps of the nobel Cosworth I’m down for, but like Chris said, we need some validity.

yeah the claim is valid we are currently building the parts to make this kit possible we project it to be available in less than 6 months…

What are we looking at here? $20,000?

this is gona be tight son! :smiley:

Some of the biggest problems will be in hands of the tuner if someone were to purchase the kit. They are also going to need a lot of time on their hands.

Think of the modifications that will be needed.

Rotate the engine by 90 degrees (if you are using the stock engine).
Cutting the sub floor to allow a drive shaft.
Putting the subfloor back together.
Converting the rear wheels to include an axle.
Figuring out what you are doing with the exhaust.

Sure there are things I’m forgetting, but needless to say, lots of customizing. I’m not sure it would be in the $20,000 range. Probably more like $10,000 range. The biggest costs would be that 6 speed transmission, axle and differential.

I would almost think it would be easier getting the engine, transmission and axle from a used V6 Mustang to cut down on costs. Then you would have to get a custom drive shaft, which isn’t that bad. But still all that fabrication mentioned above would be needed.

I’m gonna need alot of convincing for that mod.

well ill sen you pics when its done…

Actually I am working on a way to run the drive shaft WITHOUT having to cut the subfloor. Not to sound like every run or the mill “need for speed” trained livingroom racer, but I am looking at running the exhaust right behind the front tires like the M3 GTR. Or like any of the old school muscle cars.

The only thing that I’m not happy about is that you might have no choice but to run a fuel cell, but I am doing my best to keep this thing practical and keep the tank OUT of the trunk.

And I am not offended in the least that you would like to see pictures, hell I would too if I was in your place.

And the price isn’t full worked out yet. It would all fully depend on what application (stage) you wanted to go with. The one I am building will be a little expensive, but only because I am going with all stage 3 components. That and mine will be the first ever. Now once we have all the parts and brackets tried and tested then it should be less expensive for the masses because we will have already made the kit.

Also we might be willing to accept payments, because lets face it, unless mommy and daddy bought you your car, you probably can’t just fork out several thousand at the drop of a dime. More to come on that to.

I personally am also working on modifying an S13 or S15 widebody kit to apply to the ZX2. It will cost me an arm and a leg for the first one, but hopefully once the prototype is made I can get someone to take on production of it…I hope.

So here’s to the future of the ZX2, and a fond f* off the ford executives that didn’t think the ZX2 was worth keeping alive. (the focus ZX2 is garbage, sorry if you are a focus lover, but it sures to hell isn’t a damn escort)

Wow, I didn’t know you were gonna build one yourself, nice dude.

Ok so there is a slight re-working in the plan…for the better I promise. We are actually gona start off with an AWD kit. From there you can choose to go RWD if you want (I know I do).

Can you imagine the look on kids faces when you lay it down like an STi…well as far as AWD and power are concerned, the handling would take an IMENSE dedication and of course bank account.

This should prove to even be a little less expensive. The operative word being “should”.

If you are a TRUE ZX2 enthusiast then when we have a release date you will be counting down the days.

gets to cracking there newbie! (new to the site…)

How much exactly would this kit be?

Eh, your first born…

no offense- but how many people are going to shell out what it would take to buy another car for a mod?

technically a RWD application already exists for the ZX2- if you want to modify the one from the Focus… and AWD Foci exist already, so you could find out what they used and take that. And what about the AWD sedan Mazdas or old school RWD Fords? What stops any of us from going out and jacking the running gear (and maybe engine and tranny) from them and doing it ourselves, for under what this kit looks like it’s going to cost?

Not to hate, but this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be anywhere near “affordable” to any normal everyday tuner.

a rwd ZX2? Nice. I alctually thought about trying a rwd conversion sometimes in the future but would have had no idea where to start.

they make a RWD/V8 conversion kit for the Focus… I’d start there.

why is this said to be “affordable”? lol…im betting this conversion is going to cost over 5g’s.

Might be worth it. :smiley: Itll be interesting to see a write up on the install and LOTS of pics.

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