i got half of that idea down

WEll the swap would actully work if you want to weld up an entire subfram for the car. but by the time you got everything lined up and working you would have ether spent more time or money than any 10 zx2’s are worth. if you need awd that bad just by and suv

It’s all about being different, Crazzylegs.

yea man, is avout having 1 off things w/ cars that you dont normally see it done to. Im not gonna do it, cause I shure dont have that kinda money.

Well I was just saying because I did not want any one to copy me just incase I deside to give up on the idea of switching mine to just rear wheal drive and go for all out ludicriss. and go awd. Right now i am looking at doing a mazda 20b swap when I get back from Kuwait. Cause than will have the money to do it. :twisted:


Yea, i could do this but I cant weld. I have acces to all the machinery and cars to pull stuff from (cars from ford, totaled)

I’m in kuwait for the Army, that is why am am not really in to much of a hurry to get my trany from zxtuner. But it would be nice to have it waiting for me when I get home from this deployment. As for switching my zx2 to rear wheel. I will just get a recked one then build it from that one so I will then have 2 zx2.