I have been hearing that Rob from ZXtuner ignores calls and doesn’t ship parts… What’s up with that?

My experience with Rob hasn’t been up to par with what I have received with other vendors. With this try to text him on the phone number that he gives you zxtuner since this is how I get a hold of him.

I think the business just got too big for one man. Its unfortunate…

Rob @ zxtuner here (couldn’t get my old user name to work)… texting is the best method of getting ahold of me at 951-784-9603

I’m still here and shipping, and know I haven’t forgot you guys totally (although it may seem so - lol). As of 2008, I’ve been working 6 days a week for our beloved postal system and have been shipping/buying/selling/merchandising/sourcing in the eves as well as a bi weekly run to the wrecking yards for picking up needed parts. I am still shipping orders and my shelves are not bare, so if you are looking for something and want to make sure it gets to you asap, then text me and i’ll give you the heads up regarding that part.

BTW, you can text me with any technical help as well, so if you have any other q’s just give me a hollar.


good to see you’re still kickin man

I wish I had txt :x

Great to hear from ya Rob, welcome back!

Good to see you around Rob hope all is well.

Its awesome to hear that you’re still around Rob.

So Rob do you have anymore idea’s for the zx2 parts you’ll come out with or are you set with what you have for now?

new parts… at this point since i’m doing a little mpg project, i’ll see if anything worthy of design or manufacture comes from it.

In the meantime I’m looking to supplant those vendors who have not made it into this year so far with new vandors so i can offer at the very least the same variety i’ve had all along.


I’ll be ordering some exhaust gaskets for my hot shot here soon (next payday) you still have these in stock?

Good to see you on the boards man!

yeah, got those still. i see theres still a few familiar faces here which is nice since it seems like a good percentage of the old zx2ners have changed cars and moved on.


got anyone who could do a real carbon fiber hood? i’ve heard that your old vendor is one of those who didnt make it, and it seems that every “carbon fiber” zx2 hood i’ve seen is a glass one with a carbon overlay. I’ve thought about contacting vis but I want to finish my head build first

well there is some news there - the cf hood guys i bought from are back at it under new ownership so i can get hoods again.

as far as construction, the “dry” cf hood you are looking for would run 800-1000 a copy at cost top make, and a good half dozen people would have to step up to purchase one… the ones i have sold over the years are “wet” cf hoods, beaning the hood surface is 1000 percent carbon fiber, but they are hand laid in a uv blocking marine resin as would be if you were laying a fiberglass boat hull. The skeletal structure underneath the hoods are made of fiberglass and bonded to the upper cf hood. These are the ones you see priced under 500.00.

The weight benefit of a zx2 hood when comparing stock, wet cf, and dry cf is like 35lbs, 17lbs, and 11lbs, so the dry hoods are indeed the best, but they are priced out of the demographics that make up a typical zx2 enthusiast, so in the bang for the buck catagory, the wet hoods are the way to go if you consider cost per lb. of weight saving.


yeah I already have one, I’m just picky :stuck_out_tongue:
any chance of another header coming out? I have the old zxtuner one, I bought it off a guy in florida

sounds like some interesting and good news, Rob. Keep us updated :slight_smile:

wow the site looks alot different Rob nice!

This site too… really nice to see the COTM change :wink:

Ya his site does look great

Some stupid ricer in the front page…blah…what a hunk of junk :wink:

you should send in an email to apply and maybe you can see yours up there.

what is required it enter?