ZX2Ms Gear

do we have ZX2MS gear aka shirts hats etc… my girlfriends sister owns a silk screening and promotion shop so if you all need shirts and hats i could get you some decent prices, also thaought about seeing if any one would want it engraved in such things as strut bars, valve covers, and cool air intakes…

Oh hell yes. Perhaps even embroidered Dickies jackets? I’m thinking something along the lines of “Neo-ZX2 Prototype Team” since there are some radical new mods that this community is striding towards with these little cars.

yeah we got to tell those runing honda’s and neon’s that we own the best…


i also thought of a ZX2MS official racing jacket…

The jacket I’d be more into than just hats and shirts, but thats me.

Ive thought of it also. but more along the lines of the spark plug cover on the 98’s
get ZX2MS or ZX2 Motorsports engraven on it.

Heh, mirrorguardians right, it is kinda fun to quote yourself… anyway.

Though of a better jacket, ZX2 MS/X Prototype.

Kinda silly, but still.

we need a ZX2MS online store where we can get decals, shirts, hats, and etc… to further ur cause at car shows…

Yeah my local GM dealer gets inquires for souped up Malibus and Blazers. :smiley:

What about Cafe Press.com? My kung fu school gets all our uniforms printed there. Heres the link:


We submit a logo or two, then select the products to print. Its good quality stuff, believe me. We sweat and bleed all over our uniforms and put them through some serious washes afterwards. They still hold up.

I don’t like using cafeporess anymore. If someone can hook us up wityh a good screen printer Iw ill make some new designs up for t-shirts. Also I hope to be selling stickers soon and windshield banners again.

sounds good

I’ll take a T-shirt. Keep it simple.

White with a red strip accross the breast with a Zx2ms Logo

ill see what some cost…

also design and show me the team ZX2 logo you want…

heres a pic of the old logo i think its not changing


mmm i like her i mean it… lol