ZX2MS.com Email Accounts now Available!

Post in here if you want an email account through gmail (google mail). Once I get the request I will create your account and pm you the details.

~ Note to all current email holders. You can still access your email zx2ms.com/webmail to read old emails and send emails but you need to contact me about your new login information for gmail. I have your account all setup.

Count me in for one.

I’d like an email account too. :smiley:

I’m so there bro

Email accounts all setup. I sent each of you a PM. let me know if you have any issues.

I logged in and it works fine. Thanks A lot.

No problem :wink:

You can also set your mail up to use Outlook or Thunderbird or what ever client side mail program you have.

If you need help ask FoosFight or me :wink:

Heh your quote made me notice i put locked instead of logged lol.

It doesn’t seam to like me… It wont let me log in.