ZX2ms Banner!

Woot I finally got it one! Take a look!

http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/Nov01/zx2msbanner.jpg http://www.318am.com/images/zx2/Nov01/zx2msbanner2.jpg

and just where can i find myself one of these?


wow that looks like mine.

poor derek i guess its a east coast thing. :mrgreen:

i get them from a vinal guy i know

Did you honestly cut holes in ur hood man?!? nice banner though…

yes i did. It cut easyily with a plasma torch

I like it!

Where do I get mine?

But the holes holes are all different sizes :frowning:

Speed holes have to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are slick lookin’ Too bad there’s no “.com” on it. I love the font, and if they go on sale, let me know so I can replace mine.

  • Darron

the holes are functional and are traced out with the frame of the hood. It worked out good because thats where the intake is and the exhaust sits just below the opposite side.

I too would be interested in a banner. That looks slick.