Zx2 Wheel/Tire Combo's

ideal (non-rubbing) ZX2 wheel/tire combos…

ZX2 bolt pattern: 4x100mm

ideal rims for 185 width tires:
14x5.5", 14x6", 35mm-45mm offset
15x5.5", 15x6", 35mm-45mm offset

ideal rims for 195 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 37mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 37mm-43mm offsets

ideal rims for 205 width tires:
15x6", 15x6.5, 15x7", 40mm - 43mm offsets
16x6.5", 16x7", 40mm-43mm offsets
17x7", 40-43mm offsets

ideal rim sizes for 215 width tires:
16x7", 16x7.5", 42-43mm offset
17x7", 17x7.5", 42-43mm offset
18x7.5", 42-43mm offset

important points:

  1. not all tires of identical size are made to the same width - there can be variances as much as 1/2" between manufacturers of the exact same number size tire.

  2. wheel offsets have to do with how close or far the tire will be to the strut or wheel well - a lower number offset means the tires are closer to the fender, a higher number offset means the tire is closer to the strut.