zx2 vs Polezie

So i was reading all these funny stories and thought of one from about 7 years ago when i was in Germany. I was DD and we were coming back from a little town called bad kissigen which was about a 30 min drive through the farm lands. It was wet out but not raining. I was cruising as i always did, middle of the night no traffic. Im coming up on a car from behind and by the rate hes coming up on me i can tell hes going real slow so i jam the pedel and prepare for a pass. I whip out in the other lane, doing around 110mph i start to pass the car then i see oncoming headlights. A swift adrenaline rush hits, everyone in the car thats not passed out drunk is screaming. Drop a gear and hope for the best was my thought. The car is barely passed my rear bumper, i swerve over, HLL YEAH! As the oncoming car screams past, i see brakelights then blue lights. SHT. THe car is gaining on me fast but i never slowed, figured id make him work for it. He passes the car i passed, then hes on me quick. I pull over. He gets to the window, leans down and starts screaming at me in German. I say, nixt sprechen duetche. On comes the speach in english. He then noticed alot of drunk guys in the back seat. His fingers come up and start counting. He gets to 7 and starts screaming about damn Americans. Long story short, after he clears me of DUI he hands me 6 tickets. Moral of the story, when you have 6 drunk guys crammed in your z, dont pass people at 110, even in Germany where there isnt a speed limit.