So I get pulled over tonight (no big deal for me), and the cop asks for my license and insurance (cops dont care about registration out here), and looks at it and says “This insurance card is for a Ford Escort” and tries to hand it back to me, and I laugh in his face literally and go “What do you think this is? A Porche?”. He went to the front of my car (mind you I do not have a front license plate which is required in Illinois) saw the Ford logo, then walked to the back of my car and saw the ZX2. He goes “Ok, what do you have in this thing a V8?” (because my car at idle sounds like a V8, for those who went to that Ohio meet and heard my exhaust at idle know what I’m talking about that deep bubble-like gurgle sound that pounds through your chest). So I’m like “No officer just 4 cylinder escort performance” with a smile on my face. For those who dont know me that well I’ve gotten pulled over probably at least 25 times if not more in the past 6 years so I’m pretty relaxed and joke around a bit with the cops unless they are assholes. So anyway your probably wondering what I got pulled over for, its running a red light. But, normally I wouldn’t do that unless I’m running from a cop, the thing is my phone rang, and the light was green, so I glance down to see who is calling me, then I look up and the light was yellow, right when I’m crossing the intersection, so I just floor it a little bit to push through it and the cop swings around and nabs me. So after bs’n with him about my car (by the way he liked it), he told me he was pulling me over for going through a red light (its quota time for him, usually at the end of the month cops pull people over for the stupidest crap). 15 minutes later he gives me the ticket and saw that I got pulled over 22 times for speeding violations, 2 times for possible DUI (which is really nothing I was just tired and was not driving straight), and 1 drug charge which is basically a drag racing ticket, don’t know why its under drug charge and neither did the judge. I’ve been through 4 traffic safty schools, two 4 hours and two 8 hours. Had at least 5 supervisions, 2 thrown out cases, and 3 convictions on my record. Most of the speeding violations were not ticketed by the officer, pretty much they told me to slow it down. I’m glad this state isnt on that stupid point system. But I’m glad to say that this is my first Disobeyed Red Light ticket. Most likely I’ll be chillin with a bunch of cool people in the next 8 hour traffic safty class I’ll have. I had the option to plead guilty and avoid a conviction on my record and get supervision most likely, but I’d rather pay an extra 20 bucks and get to know new people with the same personalities as me and avoid a conviction at the same time.

That’s cool. That’s where I finally found out what that stupid white line is called on the right hand side. No not the hashed one. You normally find them on country roads. That’s about all I learned.