zx2 vs a deer

well i was going down the highway and a friend was infront of me. the speed limit is 55 but we are doing 40-45 because of deer. well there is no traffic so i rev the ATX and my friend starts revin his and i floor the z and go around him and hes flashin the lighs and we just cruise. well we drive for another 7 miles goin to his house to party. well all of a sudden out of NO where this deer jumps from the hill side and lands of the hood and then flips smashes the passenger side cornor hitin all down the front side of the car and my hood flys up hits the glass it bust the passenger side door glass busts. i pull over hitin the breaks and ebreak leavin some marks on the road. get out look at the damages the entire front need replaced and the radiator a/c and stuff just mashed. well then like 3 sec’s later a start cop comes pullin up behind me. i really mean like 3 sec’s later that fast lol and i didnt call. and hes all like how i should call a tow truck and get a honda and im like naw. and i call my dad and bro to come with a chain to tow it and stuff. and thats what happined and the deer got away >.< if it was dead i would of tookin the deer with me sell the meat and keep the head.


Chances are after an accident like that the deer ran of into the woods and died from shock.

Yeah the deer definetly beat up your car pretty bad…
I agree with Mark. It probably ran away and died…


Deer suck. I’ve had 3 close calls (VERY CLOSE CALLS) at about 70mph with deer before. Scared the crap out of me. First occassion was a huge HERD of deer, probably a good 7 or 8 of them, were running across the road, I stopped in time… second time was in broad daylight a deer jumped across a field, into the road and almot into my car.

And the last encounter I had was on o’neil highway doing about 70mph when 2 deer came across the road, stood in the middle and only one moved, I managed to go RIGHT between the little bastards and could have sworn i scuffed the ass of one of them by a hair from what my buddy in the passenger seat said, haha…

Thing I fear most is people on cell phones and deer. ESPECIALLY on my bike.

I also fear people on cell phones and that includes cops. I also fear most women drivers and it’s normally 10x worse when they are on a cell phone. It’s even against the law to use your cell phone and drive in NY.

I got hit from behind by a guy that was on his cell phone. So I’m a big advocate for that law.

Screw the deer! I almost ran over some dumb schmuck crossing the road. Retard looked right at me and stepped outta the turn lane into my lane{s} and was barely moving! That road’s a 50, so it’s not like I should have been going slower…idiot…

  • Darron

Same thing happened to me. I have a problem right down the road from my house where truckers stop alongside the road to go to the gas station. This is a 55 mph zone, it was a night with no moon and the trucker was dressed in black. I did not see him nor did my friend Mike who was has perfect vision. Next thing I hear is “SCHMUCK!!!” and see a guy rolling acrossed the road in my rearview mirror.

I did not hit the guy, but the guy had to jump out of the way of my car. I never even saw the guy and if he had been 2 feet closer to his destination I would probably be in jail.

One of our coutesy drivers here at the dealership I work at actually hit a kid on a bike recently. He was going through down town so he wasn’t going very fast thank the good Lord. The kid was all right. Luckly for the guy there were lots of witnesses that saw the kid just ride out in front the vehicle without so much as looking.
All I know is the only time I abuse my pedestrian rights is in parking lots…


Talk about abusing the pedestrian right of way… In Massachusetts they have green walk ways at all the corners and high traffic areas. If a pedestrian steps into the green area, the driver is at fault, 100%, no matter what. On the flip side, you get hit walking outside of that green crosswalk area, it’s your own fault. Charges might even be placed for the damage of the vehicle that hit you.

i hit a deer once i had the car 3 weeks show room new didnt even make the first car payment and smash the hood, passenger side light, and fender got hit … the best part is my insurance company wanted to put used parts on it the car was 3 weeks old. i was “your nut’s its a 98 its brand new im getting new parts not used even if they exist yet”
the agent agreed and i got new parts from ford. 1 good thing was it went the books as a act of god no fault or deductable

My sisters X-boy friend got hit by a car while on his bicycle. While serious in nature his comment at the ER was funny. When the nurse the bandage off from that was put on in the ambulance some blood squirted out onto the wall… He goes “Cool, was that me!!!”.

He was lucky that all that happened was the gash on his head. The driver of the car was completely at fault for that one. antoher funny thing is we all knew the driver of the car.

bad bet man…I hope you rebuild your Z quick