ZX2 vs 95 Maxima

RIP 1995 Nissan Maxima (ATX)
His mods:
Cold Air Intake
Performance Chip

My mods:
Cold Air Intake
Cat-back exhaust
Hi-Torque Intake Cam
SCT dyno-tuned (bad tune, need to re-tune at a different place)
Worse then stock (which is Eagle RSA’s) Eagle LS 185/65R15 tires
4 Pitchers of Budweiser
1 Bowl of Chronic

[url=http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer.swf?u=YUhSMGNEb3ZMMk52Ym5SbGJuUXViVzkyYVdWekxtTmtiaTV0ZVhOd1lXTmxMbU52YlM4d01EQTNOVE16THpJekx6UTBMemMxTXpNMU5EUXpNaTVtYkhZPQ==&d=60]http://lads.myspace.com/videos/vplayer. ... ZPQ==&d=60[/url]

hahahaha… oh that poor little car… he was actually racing? man thats slow… that thing was left like 10 car lengths behind.

He claims he ran 15.5 at the track. If thats the case then I’m running 14.8ish

Yeah I call BS. Unless he has 15 people pushing him down the track along with driving and they can run really fast I doubt that car made even a 17 the way it was running, thats SLOW.

I love the comment at the beginning when he realized he lost…

“Its only an automatic!!!” BWHAHAHAHAHAH, any excuse…

There’s gotta be something wrong with it (haven’t watched video yet…working). My bro had a '95 Maxima 5spd with just a k&n filter and cut airbox and that thing was vicious…his current Maxima isn’t much if any newer with similar mods as one raced and it’s a monster as well…5spd still. I’ll comment further after I’ve watched the vid.

  • Darron

This should go under Drag Racing.

I’ll move it later 'cause you’re right pip. That’s crazy… I’m curious…what was the point of mentioning beer ‘n’ weed? What’s that have to do with P0wning that Maxima?

  • Darron

My driving was impared and I still kicked his ass.

tsk tsk…

<–bites lip… til he bleeds

That is what I thought you meant…Not a very smart thing to be doing on your part dude…Not trying to sound like a mom or anything but you could have killed yourself or someone else…
Your car mods are something to brag about yes, but not driving under the infulence.