So I’m driving at a high speed on I-287 , doing around 90mph , when in front of me comes a Nissan 350z ,(newer model) . He speeds up and stays in front as we both weave threw traffic . I try to pass him a few times and I cant …but finally he starts taking off on me doing over 120mph (because thats as high as my speedo goes ) …so Im in the right lane slowly catching up to him with the speedo pinned and i look over and see the car bouncing back and fourth , front to back , and him hitting the steering wheel. I realize that his car has a governer and I just keep going ,as I point and laugh…oh did I mention the windows where actully pulling off the window frames on the door ? What a noise , I’ll never forget or do something that stupid again. If you only could see the face of this guy when he sees a escort accelerating right by him…I’ll never forget it , and who knows how fast I was going … :-o

Wow…you had the windows up and they were being pulled away from the car? That’s cool and scary. But that is awesome that you were passing him. I would also be pissed if my car’s govener slowed me down too.

I AM pissed that my governor slows me down. That will be ending soon, thanks to a few new toys but more on that later. Good work man, love it when we stick it to a higher priced car. Have you though of weather striping the windows?

uhoh… Where on 287??? Between Suffern and Palisades or Suffern and Mahwah??

Nice kill on smooth pavement, but that whole are is getting quite a reputation for killing people. Stay safe bro!

Nice kill…unless the 350z was an automatic…it shouldnt be governed until like 145-150mph…shit my sisters old altima 3.5L 5spd was governed at 145mph so the 350z is either the same or higher for MTX’s…ATX’s though are probably much lower.

You know some of the newer cars are governed at a much lower speed than the earlier versions of the same car. My old 94 escort hatch just kept going beyond the 120 MPH gauges and continued to accelarate. I think I topped out at 135 back in the days.

I dont have a governer and I raised he rev limiter to 7.5 rpm , I got rid of it with a super :-o

What gear and RPM were you at when you shut down? You can use that info to calculate your appx speed.

  • Darron

A regular zx2 shuts down a 110mph , or 115mph , if I remember on my old set up ~

should be 104mph on the governor.

I’ve hit 111.

I wouldn’t really call that a kill. So what if your governor was higher than his. That car would still stomp you anywhere…

“…inch or a mile. Winning is winning.”

Just ask NASCAR or F-1.

I didn’t say that it wasn’t winning. I’m just saying that racing a car with a limiter, versus one without, if you get up to high speeds, the one without will eventually win. And since he said it was killing him every time they floored it together…

Oh he defonitely spanked me , but in the long run I killed him in triple digits . :stuck_out_tongue: