zx2 vs 280zx

Ok, it was a while ago before I started modifying my zx2 at all. It was bone stock at a 130k miles. I ran into my good buddy on the highway in the middle of the night on the way home from college. He lives between the college I attend and home, by chance we met up on the highway. It was around 12 pm maybe shortly before. We started messin around because I had just reciently purchased the zx2 and he hadnt ever ridden in it. After about 5 miles of messin around we finally organize a roll run, from 60 at the top of third we took off, he lurched forward about 2 feel and I managed to hold him there untill I hit the governer. It actually suprised me the peticular 280z he drives has around 150hp and 180ft/lbs of torque below 5k rpm out of the straight 6, so its a real off the liner but will still manage to hit over 120 mph. not too bad for a stock zx2 with way too many miles. I will say this, it wouldnt take much in the way of mods to beat one of those cars. However hopefuls beware the turbo version of those cars is extremely fast the inline 6 turbo motor makes a lot more than the advertized 170hp!!


Yeah those little cars can be very… very… very fast.

I have a friend who has a 280ZX who had a straight 6 and had done some major internal work on the engine along with tranny work and a reinforced back end. He also had a 200 shot of nitrous on it. That car was FAST. Did the most killer reverse burnouts I’ve ever seen.

yeah his is some limited edition thing so he hasnt touched it, its got like 65k miles on it all original its a sweet car. He puts all his go fast stuff on the 300 hes got, that thing is insane!

Yeah my friend’s 280ZX was some sort of anniversary addition, his was somewhat rare… I don’t know much about them, I think it was a 11th? 10th or a 12th anniversary? One of those I think. I can’t remember, it had these funky hood vents and he had one missing and he was FANATICAL about trying to find one to replace the missing one, but he was by no means afraid to mod the crap out of it but he’s just that way.

yeah this kid is an enthusiast, not just a go fast guy, hes got 4 z’s one 280 and 3, 300s, an 81 280, an 85 300, 86 300, and then an 85 turbo 300, that car is actually slower than his daily driver lol there awesome cars tho, I just cant bring myself to buy a nissan, I like mazda and ford too much

I really like some of the Nissans: 350Z, Skyline, 300Z.
I have to admit I would rather buy a domestic over foreign, but the price was right, I would get one.
I also really like the Mitsubishi Eclipse with the new body style.

7 people in my neighborhood have those new eclipses and they are all girl drivers.


The kid just bought a jdm turbo motor for his 280… so I guess you know what that mean…
im just gonna have to mod my zx2 more to keep up lol