ZX2 vs 04 GTI 24V VR6

[url=http://videos.streetfire.net/search/zx2/2/f/64427F48-8B21-4789-BD9F-0D69A46109A6.htm]http://videos.streetfire.net/search/zx2 ... 6109A6.htm[/url] My ZX2 vs 04 GTI 24V VR6, ended at 120 when he decided to stop because I wouldve passed him and embarassed him. He doesn't have a radar detector in his car but I did and it went off after he stopped, there was no cop and the car on the shoulder was my other ZX2 buddy watching from the side. He started acting gay after we all met back at the parking lot in front of everybody saying "oh I wasn't even trying" then I threw a $100 bill at him as the wind was starting to take it away saying "I'll bet you $100 I'll kick your ass". He shut up then (he's also my friend lol).

nice! yeah i could see u catching up. yup, watched it again, u were gonna kill him.

Nobody ever thinks of a Zx2 as a racer. But to fly under the radar is the best.

ZX-2 kick ass know thinks of then as racers/tunners. So when you blast by a import they dont know what hit them. I LOVE IT!!!