Zx2 seat conversion

does anyone know if seats outta an mx3 or probe will fit in a 99 zx2???

MX3 seats will bolt right up

You need the slider brackets from the mx3!

^ yeppers, I just assumed that was a given… well ya know what they say about assuming…



I made the mistake of not taking the mx3 brackets when I got the seats, now I need to make a bracket or find one.

shouldn’t be too hard to find the bracket…

At least it should be easier to find than the actual Recaro version of the seats.

if you know of some places that would sell the mx3 brackets by all means throw out some names to me. I have been looking but cannot find one.

well, you can get with cabrua seats corp. they are the original makers of the seats for Mazda. Does anybudy know if the normal MX3 seat brakets will work? If so then there are some options for you.

I know this is an old post but i have a couple sets of mx3 seat brackets if anyone is interested. 20 bux plus shipping and they’re yours.


!!! DUDE!!!

I can’t do this right away, but I still need them!!!


hit me up when you’re ready…