hey dan is the site comeing back man? i seen the 5-1-06 on the site so just woundering if we might be coming back to the web? its cool to be with zx2ms though but i kinda miss home :oops:


yeah, man, what’s up with that? maybe the old site will be woken from the dead archives and my a/c removal article will come back before i leave for puerto rico for 4 weeks :smiley:

i was just clicking on a few things and i seen the riders link so i pressed it. and then like all of a sudden it loads and in the middle of the screen it has the date and im like Wtf… maybe it will :roll:


:wink: just wait....

sniff sniff do i smell that someone know ssomthing


from what i hear it sounds promising

I do miss zx2-riders :cry: