zx2 needs to be sold

[url=http://www.angelfire.com/ill/custumzincarnate/zx24sale/zx2.html]http://www.angelfire.com/ill/custumzinc ... e/zx2.html[/url]

needs to go fast, info in for sale section

Maybe post this in the FOR SALE section?

I posted it there as well. I added it to a bunch of places to try and get the car sold by the end of the week. If it dosent I will be forced to send it to the junkyard. :frowning:

Not to sound mean, but considering you just joined, spamming the board in all sections isn’t going to get you much respect. If people are honestly looking for something for sale, they’ll look in the section that says “For Sale”.

I can understand the situation, but hopefully a mod will clean up the threads.

they have these things … called used car lots … most of them will give u cash for your ride

It will be okay for this to be here for a few days, but im going to lock the thread. Please only post once. We understand that situations come up, but we still like running a clean forum. Thanks!