ZX2 Motorsports banners

Ok guys and gals. It seams like a few of you would like your own ZX2 Motorsports banners. WE’ll here’s what I can do. I talked to my vinal guy and he said that he could make them for me around &30 a piece if I get a group buy going i can get them a bit cheaper. so post here if if you want a ZX2 Motorsports.

Here some pics for your reference!



Mark me down for one.

I’ll take one.

ill take 1

30 bucks…I want one, but not that bad…at this point at least. I would want the “.com” on there too…

  • Darron

the .com is on a seperate vinyl that says “zx2ms.com”. I put mine on my rear reflector.

I wouldn’t mind having one. More incentive for me to get a new windshield soon, lol!!


Now we need plate frames for the front that has the .com lol.

“Find me” on top then “on ZX2MS.com” on the bottom. It’d work for me, except “fight” is spelled “Fyt” lol

  • Darron