alright boys i want to hold a meet this summer in Waynesburg PA there is going to be a lot of stuff going on installs a big drive around my home town we could swim in my parents inground heated pool and drink a few brews shoot pool on my dads pool table that is if he is bein cool hehe and i would like to go out to eat a one of the finer places to eat in town maybe hit up some bars and clubs in Morgan town WV thats 20 minutes away from Waynesburg or if anyone wants we could go to the city down Pittsburgh that is one hour away from Waynesburg where thay are lots of nice bars clubs and strip jonts :evil: i booze pretty hard at night on the weekends so bring your booze and be ready to get loose we are goin get some girls and have a blast leave your girlfriends and wifes at home jk lol but anyway my cell number is 724-833-1280 and my name is as posted marky v thats what all my people call me so you guys can do the same we will meet at 1pm in july friday the 20th the meet ends on sunday the 22nd i have been takin time off from working so feel free to stay longer if anyone would like the hotle in Waynesburg is the comfort inn the number to book a room is 724-627-3700 be sure to book head and really try and spread the word about the meet i wanna get this out way ahead of time if the comfort inn is to pricey there are like 3 or 4 more hotles in Waynesburg you guys can check out and thay are all with in 1 mile from the comfort inn meeting place waynesburg is kinda small :smiley: and easy to get around so noone should have much trouble remember we are goin do this right boys spread the word this meet is goin be fun we are goin line em up and run hard and do some racin at nighttt get ready for the best meet ever marky v style!!! :smiley:

Only 4-5 hours away and near a highway. I’m in.

sweet get the word out there hardcore!!! i want atleast 25 z’s and that will make my day!!!1

I live in scranton so ill try to make it at least one day. I have a lot of things on my plate this summer coming. The S/C release in may and Ford nationals in June. But i should make it at least one day. I’ll get with you as time gets closer

sweet thanks for the support so far guys and check this out i just called a race shop thats about 20 minutes away from here thay are going to port and polish my head also portmatch my intake mainfold and thats not all bolt up my 65mm throttle body all for 620 bucks our family mechanic told me about this place called she hands and thay do great work he said this guy has worked on our cars for over 10 years and he is a good friend of ours so i know he would never do me wrong and i just wanted to let you guys know if you wanted and head work or anything while your in you could call these guys and have them set sumthin up with a great deal there prices are great and thay do super work most of there cars thay have worked on run at keystone raceway not far from here there number is 724-785-9699 calll guys you can’t pass up these deals!!! :smiley:

Sounds awsome, but I too have a lot going on this comming summer. I’ll see if I can tear myself away. :smiley:

sweet all i ask is you guys try your best to spread the word and make it out if you can i promise you this will be a fast pace meet alot going on intalls whatever you guys want bars clubs strip clubs i live the fast live boyys if you can handle it come out we are goin to Pittsburhg and Morgan town WV i have big i mean big plans for this meet be there if you can and i promise you you will have a blast

that would be a far ride for you ray. From LA to centra PA thats what i call a Road trip

for sure brother! what hell do it anyway you only live once!

I would have such a grand frackin entrance thou!

Hmmmmm… Road trip… Well I know I’ve got a new ZX2ner on the way in April, but I’ll see what I can do about making it down for a night. I gotta meet some of you guys anyway.

i can already tell we are going to get some z’s together for sure so far so good keep it up guys keep on spreading the word by the time summer comes the meet will be blowin up all overrr lol

come on guys lets keep this thing rollin went to pittsburgh tonight bar hoppin in the shitscort with 3 friends and we hit up some bars got in to 3 races one we hit wide open topend pullin 120 plus won em all in the crapomatic boysss it was on like donky donk promise if we go to pittsburgh you guys will love it theres some awsome bars and good racing down town i know pittsburgh a lil but at times i get lost hehe its decent we are goin have a blast i am pumped up for this hardcore :smiley:

Hmm… 3 years in a row to Marky’s house?.. From Chicago to Waynesburg, PA… I’ll go to pick up more Yeungling and a Stryker burger! We almost died last time with those 3 deer in the middle of the highway at the bend remember that? And doing 142mph racing that Cougar and that old slow muscle car? lol good times over there.

what S/C release in May?

Lost dog PM him about that or start another thread lets try to keep on track here. I may be there with loon and anybudy else I can drag in… Asuming my cars up by then.

tell em how i roll davey you had a blast when you came in and this summer maybe we can hit up the pool i live back with my rents now cuz i kicked jessica out it sucks here maybe ill have another place by time the meet comes and we will definately have to hit up strykers stiffys and trinity so we can get up on some pussy maybe even go to WV or Pittsburgh and drink the yuengling boyyyyy you know how i get down its goin be fun times homie my new cell number is 724-833-1280 i don’t have yours anymore so call me hope you have nice christmas bro

awwww man too bad i live in missouri and i am under age to drink or go to strip clubs :cry:

too long drive too :lol:

shit homie i got you we are goin hit up all my party spots ill buy your booze man and you can drink at some house partys my boys have em every weekend and like i said might even have another place by july then it would really be on :evil:

shit at night time im sure most of you will be a the hotel cuz ull have a hard time keepin up with me davey and maybe a few others will be out with me thats about it i party hard and get it done right thats no brag thats a promise just see if you all can hang hehehe :evil: