ZX2 meet in PA

Not my invitation, just mentioning to those who don’t post on http://www.myzx2.com go there for details (Cyberman’s Meet), but in brief description: June 24th (most of us will be there Friday night Saturday and Sunday morning). BBQ, Dyno’s, and more. Lots of travellers from far away attending, this should be a good meet!

i wish i could make it

Please more details.

im probably going


Just another friendly reminder… I’ll be leaving Romeoville, IL June23rd (Friday) at 2:30pm, arrive at Indiana/Illinois border at 3:00pm, stay at the next Oasis in Indiana until 3:30pm for whoever wants to meet up, then its a 6-7hour cruise to the meet. If you need more information go here http://myzx2.com/forums/1/4402/ShowPost.aspx#4402