ZX2 in March issue of HCI


Very cool! Thanks for sharing that :slight_smile: I’d like to go with a turbo or supercharged setup for purposes of engine longevity I think I’ll save it for my next engine… if at all. I’m still working on DSP.
Cool article, thanks!

That intake piping looks too skinny I dont like it.

Cool Article, thanks for showing it. It’s to bad they use Gude performance parts the poor thing probably won’t make it out of the shop. :cry:

that’s pretty cool

I have a Gude kit , it fits just fine , its all you idiots out there not using the proper tuning . You need SCT or Sniper tuning to take out all the timing and reconfigure the mapping of your computer . Dont knock something till you try it . I have a full stage 2 gude kit , all 2" piping and full 2.5 inch exhaust . In order to have a good build up of pressure and have no turbo lag , the piping must be small , as well as the turbo , my wastgate will not open till its at 13lbs, and my BOV is set at 7lbs ,and my boost controller is set at 13lbs so there is absolutely no hesitation . So go ahead and talk bad about Gude , where’s your turbo kit ?

Do you have pictures or a video to share? How long did it take to install?

Lastly…How do you like it?

Well sorry to jump to conclusions but out of about 20 people that have had experiance with the Gude kit over the years yours is the first positive feedback I have heard and who knows maybe they didn’t have them setup right.

I know this is really old. But, how do you set a BOV to 7 pounds? The problem with the Gude kit is that Bill Gude says it works just fine as-is. That it doesn’t need a BOV and that there are no wastegate issues. His fix for the boost creep is some kind of software instead of just fixing the physical issue.

That is the first real practical explanation of the reasons why the Guide kit works, ZX2Fast. It also explains why the kit gets a bad rap, because the dealer says its good as is.