ZX2 Front Mud Guards

Hey everyone. I am looking for a set of front mud guards for the ZX2. I have a pair for the rear already. Unfortunately the guy I bought from had sold the front ones by the time I noticed they were for sale. I am not looking for the thin mud flaps. I am trying to find a pair of the hard plastic guards that go behind the front wheels and wrap around the outside of the body a bit. Thanks for reading.

Those are going to be hard to find… I have a set on my 98. Even when it was new, I hardly, if ever saw those on another ZX2. Junkyard maybe? I just checked ebay and nothing.

Take that back, just found these => https://www.ebay.com/itm/98-03-Ford-Escort-ZX2-Rear-Mud-Flaps-Splash-Gaurds-Set-of-4-Oem-Ford/264580348893?hash=item3d9a37bbdd:g:oJQAAOSwn~BeBmul

Not the greatest condition and its the whole set.

Yeah they seem to be really rare for sure. I looked at a junkyard when I was searching for an engine for a sedan and I didn’t see any with the plastic guards. Like you said, those eBay ones aren’t in fantastic condition. I do have a set of regular flaps I might put on instead so I have something protecting the rockers. There isn’t much paint left on the rockers at this point, so I might have to do something about that instead of driving the car too much more in the weather. The radiator support has major cancer too. Thanks for searching for me, I do appreciate the help.

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