ZX2 Door Panels, Fuel Rail w/Schrader Valve for N2O For Sale

I have a pair of 98 ZX2 Door Panels. I’m Asking that whoever buys them to pick then up, only because its really hard to find a big enough box to ship. I will ship, however, the buyer must pay for the shipping. I want to offload these as soon as I can, but the lowest I’ll take is $20 for both.
Also, I have a 98 ZeTec Fuel rail, returnless style, with a Schrader valve, so It can accept a nitrous setup. 25 shipped for this.
I will accept trade-offs if anyone has an AccuFab Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator for a 94-95 5.0 mustang or a Walbro 255 fuel pump.
I accept PayPal, Western Union, or Postal Money Order, but I prefer PayPal.
I have MORE STUFF for sale in my other topic named “Lou’s Garage Sale”

still for sale? how much do you think that shipping would cost?


ok that rail was sold im sorry and im waitin til april15th cause i may have a buyer for these seats. the door panels i dont think i have a buyer for yet

i would be interested in the door panels. maybe you could email me with how much you think the total cost would be to ship it to 07920?



sry oods, but my retarted friend threw all my crap i was sellin out. Sry guys but i do have more parts, like a BOV and some other crap. let me kno i prolly have it or can get for cheap thru Advance Auto.