ZX2 Car Club

Hey everyone. I’m thinking about creating a Midwest ZX2 car club. Membership would be free and would include discounts at popular aftermarket preformance websites like Andysautosport.com Active members would only be required to display a small to medium car club decal on your ride.

I’m going on vacation for this week, let me know if anyone is interested.
I’ll be checking for replies upon my return home.

More information is available upon demand. Have a good one. :slight_smile:

im interested, im from La Crosse, WI

I may be interested, not much for decals on my ride though. I’m a pansey like that.

Hey guys lets get together ASAP Possibly a day of washing Zs and a night of cruizing?

Im game for an auto club and im not a pansey like my brother Gitt24_84 and would definently like a decal

i live in houghton lake michigan and i am interested in this car club. i have a 99 zx2 5 speed

i would def do it too!

im game im from mt.pleasant MI sure decale is no problem my cart club is falling apart so im looking fer a new one to join

Im interested central indidana

I am interested, milwaukee wi here