I dont think I need to say anything , the picture does enough for any zx2ers imagination…


Another pair


2005 Focus st


i can make ones like those

They aren’t hard to make, just a oven and imagination and some wiring . Let me know how it goes , I would love to see anyone elses custom headlights. You can make so many different kinds and styles.

when i get home from school me and a friend are going to make some made out of fiber glass and paint them to match the car

i was wondering if anyone would be able to send my ifno on how to do this!

my email is erkfxll@hotmail.com
just title it ZX2 BI-XENON HEADLAMPS
and i wont delete it from my junk mail thanks in advance

hey could someone send me info on how to do this as well. Thanks. poppaacharlie@hotmail.com