Zetec Powered VW

I saw this on a nother forum and i wanted to let you in on it
ever seen a vanagon w/ a supercharged zetec take on a wrx? funny stuff:

[url=http://www.bostig.com/products/zetec/videos/vanagon_voodoo_child.wmv]http://www.bostig.com/products/zetec/vi ... _child.wmv[/url]

I talked to the guy he’s preety cool and might consider making the conversion with our ZEtec’s instead of the Focus

that was awesome! :-o

Amazing. I was thinking, "Okay, so he’s leaving the other van, big deal. Then the WRX came along and it was keeping up pretty good! Maybe not the ultimate slayer, but definitely a sweet sleeper! I want it!

  • Darron

YAY! The start of the 4-Banger dominion!!

Yeah 4 bangers are definatley more eager. :smiley:

Man that van could move!! It was definetly cool to see a 4-banger keep up:) Good find roush.


Ill stick with my ZX2