Zetec Head

Looking for a Zetec head with top. Cams and cam gears aren’t necessary. If you got one laying around and are looking to off load it, contact me. Please quote me a price when you contact me.

Dude next time i head to the bone yard I will see if they still have a couple of ZX2’s there and try to pick one up for you!

I got a head for ya. I have all the springs, valves, lifters, cams, and sprocket. It’s off a 98 ZX2, the end of the cams where you would line it up broke off from whichever dumbass left his tool in there when he started it up. Also the intake gear broke off when I took it off, I’ll send you everything how much are you looking to spend? I would also recommend taking it to a machine shop to clean up a small dent (nothing major) and get it ported and polished, I was going to do it with this head but a few months ago I decided on getting an already built motor.

What do you mean by “where you would line it up broke off?” I’m kinda apprehensive about that statement.

Lower your car fisrt there Gardian M , always start from the ground up !~That 5 inch wheel gap is getting on my nerves with that body kit , It’s so rice!..Just bite the bullet and get some adjustable coil overs so you can still drive in the snow ! I know that was your main concern at the meet! :lol:

Yeah…I know…the head would be for the winter. But next is the SCT and then Drop it! It’s will be droped for the next meet.

i have a focus head with 30k on it and a zx2 head complete from a running car with 112k on it … complete and in good shape

It’s part of the cam but you stated it didn’t matter. Its the end of the cam where you would put that ruler tool to keep the cam from rotating while servicing the head or cam sprockets, other then that the cams would work fine.