your christmas and new year!

how is everyone and how was your christmas and new year? :slight_smile:

it was great here! hope things went the same for you! heard you got engaged? congrats!

It was good for the most part

It was good, I got fogs and redid my lights on the car, got mx3 seats and a close ratio steering rack, and a second mtx swap, because holidays are about spending time with the car you love right? :lol:

haha. Sadly i wanted to spend more time with the car then anything else around this time. That’s why I re-did the interior haha. Gotta get stuff done some how.

Xmas was awesome for me!!! got all kinds of dvd’s a CF OEM carbon fiber hood!!! and Tim and Eric Awesome Show “great job” tickets!!

new years wasnt so great!!! came home from the bar around 12:30 pm and got in a fist fight with neighbor kids (19 year old kids) I was fighting with one kids cause they where parked in front of my house throwing away garbage outta his car in to the street. my gf spoke up cause she saw it and he got all cocky talking sh*t. Then he tried to hit my gf I steped in and took the hit and we started fighting… I tripped over the curb and fell down and the kid that was “trying to break it up” decided to join the 19 year old kid on the attack on me… when my buddie steped in and then the cops showed up… haha great new years haha

I always wondered what happened if we got in a fight over the age of 18. Does anything really happen? I am 21 years old and still wouldn’t mind to pop some punks here and there.

he threw the fist punch i had witnesses so i had the option to press charges or not… he couldnt do n e thing since he hit me first!! I decided not to press charges though

Christmas was phenomenal. New years was awful, me and the girl were fighting.

Got an icon Jacket, icon pants, and half of a ps3. :smiley:

half of a ps3? I have to ask… how?

I am guessing he is sharing it with somebody

My moms bought half for me, I payed for the rest. lol

sweet cant beat that!

Agreed. :smiley:

my christmas was good. I got a MP3 player for work and the perfect pushup things.

My kids had a good x-mas as well. Fun stuff

my xmas and new yrs pretty much sucked but im getting a tattoo for my b-day :smiley: (which was between those 2)