Youll never guess who I meet tonight!!!!!

Gavin DeGraw came back to little ole bumble-f*ck sullivan county to do a concert at the once famous Kutshers hotel in Fallsburg.

Well tonight He was hanging in Liberty at a village softball league game! I got a picture of him and I… However, My phone was shut before I could save the photo and Lost it.

I did get a video of him hitting a nice fly ball to center field however! Ill put it in the videos section in a few minutes!!!


NICE!!! His stuff is big over here, and back home. That was very cool, old boy.

My x-g/f went to school with him, he was like a grade ahead of her! I really cant believe I got to meet him… im not a country/pop music fan but this is the coolest shit that has ever happened to my backwards ass hick town that I live in!!!

The town he grew up in is like 10 miles away from me! Let me put it this way… This kid is one of the 1st people to have ever come from Sullivan County NY, and to have actually accomplished something! I am so stoked about meeting this guy, you have no idea…

just to show you how small an area I live in, we have two different populations amount… our Winter population for the county is a little under 32,000 in over 1000sq miles… summer population jumps to about 75,000… but is mostly hasidim/russian vacationers.

lol! I pissed off my sister by telling her that I meet him and shook hands with him! However she is going to tell her HOT college roommate that I met him, so lets see where that goes! lol! She was SOOOOOO jealous of me! I really gotta get this video to work right, its in some wierd format as it was taken with my camera phone.

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! You are one cool mutherfucker, Mark.