You will ALL find this funny!!!!

My stomach hurts from laughing so hard and Im sure your stomachs will hurt too… This story is best followed with the map.

In order to tell this story I need to tell you abit about where I live. For reference and for my prospective stalkers I live just off of Rt. 17 in Parksville, NY. Here is a picture of the 1/4 mile area that I live in.

[url=,+NY&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8&z=16&ll=41.859557,-74.748938&spn=0.011235,0.026994&om=1] ... 26994&om=1[/url]

I was coming down Parksville Road (bottom road on map) and approached the intersection of Parksville, Rd. and Short Ave. Obviously there is a stop sign there as there is an intersection, Anyone that lives in Parksville ignores this stop sign as it is immediately at a stop light for getting on to Rt. 17. Its only a matter of 15 ft from stop sign to stop light.

Well I do what I normally do, and I run the stop sign and get caught at the light. I look acrossed Rt. 17 at the gas station (right hand side of both cooley rd and Rt. 17. Well there are 2 State trooper SUV’s stopped there.

I look at Russell and I say “Oh Shit… Im getting Pulled over dude.” He was like “No way dude!” Well the light turns and I ease through the light acrossed 17 onto Cooley Rd. I get to the Lilly Pond Rd. turn and I see one of the cars coming out of the gas station. I get onto Lilly Pond, drop it into second and I said to Russell, here they come and stepped on the gas (yes it was a last ditch hope to not get pulled over). Well I get to the Lilly Pond, Old Lilly Pond Rd and go through the intersection up the hill towards my drive way. Well The cop caught up to me by the time I hit the bottom of the hill and had his light on by the time I got my grandfathers driveway… Well this is only 2 driveways away so I coast right into my driveway. I turn my car off, my headlights off, take the keys out and place them on the dash and said “Russell, please get my registration”. The cop asks for my L&R and I give him my Motorcycle Permit and my ZX2 registration. The cop walks back to his car and I see my mother come walking out of the house in her bathrobe. I yell “MA, go back inside its ok” laughing my ass off.

At this point the cop comes back to the car and goes “is this a Valid permit? I said yes, its for my Motorcycle. It has the same number and my updated picture / information so I thought would be ok.” He said “Oh I ddint even look at the Classification.”.

As I handed over my drivers license. He looked at them both and hand everything back. He said “The reason im pulling you over is your exhaust is too loud! Im going to give you 48 hours to get it fixed.”

I looked at the officer and gave him a dumblook and said “um… its an aftermarket exhaust…”

He goes “oh, is it just a pipe or what?”

I said “No its a catback exhaust system.”

“Oh… in that case, Im sure you spent alot of money on it so Im not going to bust your balls.”

I said “yeah I spent nearly $400 on it.”

He goes “Ok well have a good night then” and walks away.

“Allright, have a good night officer!”

I put my registration away and both Russell and I get out of my car to see not one, but BOTH SUV’s pulling out of my driveway. While Russell and I are there in the driveway laughing our asses off, My G/F pulls in the driveway and says “What the hell did you two do?” I lost it. My stomach still hurts.

LOL!!! :smiley: Thats just… awesome!!

that is awsome… just fucking awsome… “The Force is strong with this one”


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