You know you an Autocrosser when......

You keep a traffic cone in your living room as a reminder that autox season is just around the corner. (“But honey, orange goes GREAT with oak furniture!”)

-You keep your hair cut shorter in the summer to avoid “helmet head.”

-You have autox shoes (different from walking shoes or running shoes)

-You own a bottle of white shoe polish, but you don’t have any white shoes.

-You were excited to get a tire pressure gauge as a gift

-You go to the Yankee Candle Company in the mall and ask the clerk, “Do you have anything scented like burnt Hoosiers?”

-When standing on the sidewalk and a car goes by, you point out to your friend that the car was supercharged and you knew that because the high pitched whine coming from the engine compartment followed the engine speed directly. (And your friend rolls her eyes.)

-When in traffic, you know that a Subaru is two cars ahead of you because you recognize the distinctive exhaust note.

-You go to the candy machine to purchase the item in slot “C4” and your first thought is “Corvette.”

-You wash your car meticulously, but you leave the cone marks as a badge of honor

-You see a car with aftermarket parts on it and your first thought is “STX”

-You spend more time reading the rule book than you do preparing your income tax return

-You watch the 24 hours of Daytona and point out to all your friends drivers in the field that have national autox titles.

-You know how much it will cost you in gas to drive to Topeka

-Your friend talks about what class they are in and you are disappointed when they are referring to graduate school

-You cannot wake up before 7am during the week, but you have no problem waking up at 4:30 on a Saturday morning

-You browse Google Maps looking for large parking lots in your area
-your favorite phrase is Drag racing is for fast cars, Autocrossing is for fast drivers.

-you see a new car come out and wonder what class it will be in.

-You give your sister a cone killer licence plate for a gift

-Every time you see construction on the highway you have an unexplainable urg to start running a slalom

-Every time you see construction araound town you have to tell yourself not to take their cones.

-you see the cocky kids with fast cars as their first cars and invite them to autocross because you hope for a good challange.

-you see miata’s in a totally new light.

-your definition of a “cool car” changes

-you hear friend talk about parts for your car and you keep track of what class they would be in for every part they put on.

-you give cars with trailer hitches much more respect than before



  • Darron

LOL :lol:


and dont forget >^^ means turn left
^<means turn right

Guilty as charged.