Yet another V6 Duratec thread

Looking to do a swap into my ZX2, what all is required? ECU, harness, which specific motors will work well for this? Anything I need to modify for the trans or will it just bolt up?

with the duratec v6, you use the focus tranny. If you were to use ours, 4 of the bolts dont line up… I havent done the swap yet and wont be doing it for like 2 years even know Im about to get a used engine, tranny. And then the ecu, wiring harness, front subframe from a contour to compare and motor mounts.

That’s what I needed to know :wink:

Like they say, there’s no replacement for displacement!

Do you have lots of funds, time and an extra car? This wouldn’t be an easy swap. Nothing directly drops in to the ZX2 engine bay. If you are in to autox or something where you need sharp handling, then up the Zetecs power. A big V-6 is going to throw off your weight ratio, and will make it handle like it’s a bigger car.