Yeah... ZX2MS....

I love you guys. We are like one big happy family. That’s why I keep coming back. That other site may be bigger, but they are ALWAYS bitching.

You guys kick ass. :mrgreen:

I saw DRAMA there, I’m loving this place :slight_smile: WE LOVE YOU PIP!


hip hip horray… hip hip hooray… hip hip horray!!!

I love you too Pip…but you’re still not getting my Bud Light. I don’t drink. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Darron

Me niether… I just want your Dr. Pepper.


Actually…the former crazy 'stang is right…you can’t have my Dr. Pepper because I don’t drink THAT either! Anymore at least… I gave it up in January. Haven’t touched it since.

  • Darron

But… but… but… Dr. Pepper is the very NECTAR OF LIFE!!! How can you be alive?

love <333

I think we are all feeling the love.