YAY for regearing!

15Tooth sprocket installed on my Ninja today, sooooo much better than that stock 14T, you’d never thing 1 more tooth would make a big deal but it dropped me nearly 1500RPMS on my Ninja, 1st 2nd and 3rd gear feel much much more responsive, feels like I have more power, and even though I don’t have more Horsepower it’s utilizing the power band LONGER, accelleration used to = sort of a smile and now it = OMGWTF WHOOPEEEEEE!

Except that now in 6th gear where the bike used to hit 100mph there was a lot of wind resistance, that has maintained the same, but it’s in lower RPMS now over 100mph so it feels a bit more struggle to get over the 100mph mark due to the coefficient of drag but it still gets there. I rarely hit over 100mph AS IS, it’s ONCE in a great great while, I enjoy the twisties and turnies more anyway so this was a HUGE fun factor.

Sorry, Just had to share! If any of you have a bike and don’t like your accelleration or have SUPER SHORT 1st and 2nd gears like I do, go with a bigger sprocket and you’ll never look back. MMM MMM good. Took me less than an hour to do it all and that INCLUDES doing the rear wheel alignment.

gotta love that wind wall on a bike!!!

I am planning a katana 750 exhaust on my 600, timing advance, chain kit, intake. soon as i get her fixed up…

Yeah I’d like to redo the stock air box, rip it off and do K&N Pod filters and a muzzy exhaust, but that’s an awful lot to spend on the muzzy for so little. I’ll do intake and rejet and call it good.