xbox360 release 11-22-05

any one heading out to get one? or has it already pre-ordered?

I’m buying one around christmas.

And tonight i’m buying need for speed most wanted. WHOO!

I will be getting one at some point…but no way I’m paying $400 for it. Wouldn’t pay $300. I’ll probably just buy one refurbished like I did my X-box.

  • Darron

ill be buying one after xmas

No one else getting most wanted with me :frowning:?

I am going to be picking it up after work tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably not buying one till after Christmas. I have to buy my winter beater today or tomarrow.

Price is to drop when Halo3 comes out, becuase that is also when PS3 comes out. So I ma wait till then . .

When is that?