Wrecked my Z

they do… I dont know why…

they even make a 4 door ss

Miranda pointed this post out to me this evening, and I thought, “What the hell…?” So I got on Chevy’s site and sure enough, you can get a non-supercharged SS. What the hell’s the point? At least you do get a bump in displacement (2.4L) and HP (171) which is roughly 30 more than standard…I still don’t get it :roll:

  • Darron

think thats weird—look at the tail lights on a 2 door, then look at the 4 door–different as night and day. not really sure why

That’s the issue I have had with Chevy for along time. They have 3 engines to get in that car depending on the trim you purchase.

Cobalt LS, LT, and LTZ - 2.2 Ecotec
Cobalt SS - 2.4 Ecotec
Cobalt SS S/C - 2.0 Ecotec Supercharged

Couldn’t they just use one engine with different cams or something? By doing so, they could keep costs down by building one engine.

Alot of the car companies seem to not be all that smart in my opinion when it comes to building their cars. They could make things alot easier and cheaper for themselves but for some reason they don’t. God only knows, but I bet it might even confuse Him just a bit too :wink: