Wrecked my Z

Well i should be back up and running soon but heres what happened…

A guy was going 80 down a 45 BUSY street known as stateline where all the kids with cars cruise and show off… car clubs get together and a lil racing goes on…,. anyways this guy going 80 in a 4 door grand am hit my friend erin in a camery… not sure how but it happened… the grand am looked like a Bug( voltswagon beetle) anyways Erin’s bumper was in the middle of the road and a truck slammed on his breaks ( not smart) so the guy in front of me ( a spoiled rotten guy from school who drives a MERCEDES) slams on his breaks. The only difference between the truck and brads car is the truck moved up to avoid being hit… brad just sat there like a dumbass! well as soon as a i saw his break lights i slammed my foot to the floor and slid… RIGHT INTO HIS BACK END!

I will post pics later… he wasnt hurt at all… i had my seatbelt on thank the good lord… and no one hit me… i hit my head on the steering wheel and have some whiplash and some lower back pain…

My car goes to the insurance place today… i think its just cosmetic… but im tryin to get a 97 firebird. Anyways i just thought i’d inform you guys about my poor baby…

Only cosmetic damage? Did the Air Bag deploy? How is the Mercedes?
Becareful how you report this to your insurance, hopefully your rates don’t go up.

Were you guys racing? Also why do you want to get a 97 firebird? Let me guess you want the V6? Sorry to rain on your parade but not a big fan of those.

Alot of weight to those Firebirds compared to the power they produce.

at least everyones ok. i had a 96 and a 2000 camaro and enjoyed the hell out of both of them. will definately go fast enough to get you in trouble. stay safe

97 firebird with a v6? fbody! hahaha… oh, thats funny.

ok heres the answers to a few questions

No the air bag didnt deploy
The mercedes has a dent in the bumper and the trunk wont close…

Not sure what its doin to insurance… and im not gettin the firebird… any more questions

Probably a good thing the airbag didn’t deploy, some insurance companies will give the car a “totalled” status if it does. Keyword /some/. So long as you are okay, a bump on the head is a bit better than selling a totalled car.

Edit: Probably… rather than probaby, i can spell today eh?

I was worried about thatfor a min :stuck_out_tongue: lol Here is some cars I recommend if you want a new one :stuck_out_tongue:

ZX2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Mustang V6 or V8 (Now a 95 cobra would be awesome :wink: )
Civic possibly?
Colbalt SS

those are all great cars!

but I think Chris forgot about the Scion TC’s!!!

hold up on getting a cobalt though if you go that route. From what I have heard Chevy is starting to have problems with them (yes this is hear-say and not fact)

my buddy is selling his 99 jetta completly modded for 7500 but you live to far away sry

I was watching a Cobalt SS run 16’s all night long at the drag strip a week and a half ago. Yes it was supercharged.

I guess now you won’t follow people so close. Gotta watch out for idiots.

by a hummer–follow as close as you want :slight_smile:

Nice!!! :twisted:


Chillin’…it wouldn’t be an SS if it weren’t supercharged.

  • Darron

yea i may not know alot but i was thinkin that to be an ss it would automatically be supercharged

details details…

actually the cobalt does come in a non supercarged ss. was lookin at them today

How is that possible? Wouldn’t that just be an LS then? I don’t know why they would bother calling it an SS if it wasn’t supercharged.