Wow, been a long time

It’s been 3 cars since I last owned my beloved zx2. The car that started all my modding. I guess I could go down the list since its been so long why the car was a good platform to begin with.

In 2000(the year I bought it) the zx2 had

  1. more torque and hp than the top of the line civic at the time
  2. weighed less than an integra or civic (i considered both competition)
  3. Zetec engine was a new an exicting platform with VCT on the exhaust side
  4. Cost was 5k less than a Integra and several thousand less than a civic
  5. Hondas were so over done
  6. Fords Zetec was a DOHC

Anyway I modded the hell out of it investing about 5k(all go no show) on top of the purchase price. Anyway if you have one in good running shape after being I’m sure the youngest z is probably 10 years old since they started in 98 it still has potential.

Alas we parted ways in 05 and I had a few hondas since but finally ended up with a Subaru Legacy 3.6R.

Lets see… right now I am driving 2008 Shelby GT500, I still have my 1998 ZX2. Thing is still mint. I’ll have to grab some pictures this spring when I get back to my parents and dig it out of the garage. Other than that I sold my 2002 ZX2 about 4 years ago now? I really do miss that car. Still have a lot of love for the ZX2. Wish I could pick up a mint 99 S/R somewhere but its like a mythical unicorn lol.

Wow…old’ ZX2MS…

Glad to be back. Still have the ZX2, still a daily driver but building a 76’ F150 with a 390FE/C6/9in

Totally wished I didn’t sell mine but I’m sure some one probably wrapped it around a telephone pole or destroyed it in some other horrible manner by now.