Worst ricer flyby in history.

I’ve had some silly ricer flybys in my life but this morning had me laughing SO hard.

So i’m on my way to work (not on one of my bikes, just in the Z) and i’m poking along at probably 60mph. I hear something crawling up next to me and it sounds loud like a blown out muffler. I look over and this kid is staring at me. So I stick out my tongue and he gets mad and downshifts and proceeds to fart off off and away.

The car was a white honda civic with a million fuckin’ stickers all over it, big wheels and altezza lights with a HUGE moby dick whale spoiler.

I wish i had my camera out in time. Oh wait, I gotta say that different “I tried to whip out my camera, but he was SOOOO fast speeding up to 65mph I just couldn’t handle the horspower! I peed my pants!”. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

thats funny!

[useless] Yeah hilarious, unfortunately there's a lot of those around....

Now derrick! What we’re you told about sticking your tounge out to ricers! They have feelings too! It’s not their fault their poor and mod a Civic that looks like poop.

I’ll bring my canon with me to work tomorrow and hope he shows up again. It’s nice to have a laugh before you go to work. Makes up for the fact that you know you’re going to work!