Workin late...

So whast everyone up to? I am workin late again :stuck_out_tongue: I have 62 hours in last week but this week its gonna be more than that I bet. So boring sometimes…

Not much over here, just trying to kill time here at work. Nights are always slow as far as phones are concerned :stuck_out_tongue:. They really don’t even need me to be here but that is how I get my hours in.
Anywho, you liking your job for the most part Chris?


I now know the true meaning of the SEMA curse :expressionless:

Not so much as working late, but I will be here till 6:30, then a class until 9 PM. Each wensday is like this for me.

I’m back at school and working close to 30+hours too. Sucks. I barelly have time to do anything! Today I spent the whole day installing my indash. Felt good to work on my baby again. :smiley:

Chris, how’s the new job? Have you recieved your first check yet? NICE huh!? :lol:

My new job is going good. Its kinda funny working with Jimmy (xENo) and living with him also while I am down here right now.I think after this project is over though I am moving back home. Not sure if they need me for another one. Other than that still at work 8:00est 7:00cst :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you working on exactly? :?

Uber secret site that Disney will use to take control of the world!


I’ve been working 60hrs. a week for the last year and a half. I know your pain.

Man i feel guilty i only work 20hrs a week max. It’s nice to be a stay at home dad

pretty much lol Man so tired… lol worked like 13 -14 hours yesterday… so sleepy today

Wow those hours you work are crazy. About how long are you supposed to be down there? Any ideas?


Couple months or so… as long as it takes to finish this project up.