WNY First Storm

As many of you may have heard, the WNY area was hit pretty hard by a storm. This storm started Thursday night and continued until Friday morning. The storm wasn’t even really a storm with high winds or zero visibility. This storm just brought heavy wet snow.

Buffalo and the surrounding areas are well equipped to handle the snow fall and it should been no problem to take care of. The problem was that the trees in the area still had their leaves. So when the snow fell, there was more surface area on the trees because of the leaves. The snow collected and pulled down on the branches until they broke. When they came down, they destroyed power lines throughout the WNY area.

Over 340,000 homes/businesses were without power and 3 people have died as a result of this storm.

For the most part everyone helped each other. Luckily my house is so old our furnace uses just a pilot and we still had heat. Our power lines are working too, but the phone line to my home is down. So I haven’t been online until today.

Regretfully, I will have to skip the Dropfest PA meet due to cleanup and other costs of taking others into my home. I have lots of pictures and even video of the area to give you an idea of what has happened here.

I should be back online again tomorrow, Monday 10/16/06, when I return to work.

Sorry to hear that Nick!

I have a picture of what my sister sent to me. 2 ft of snow this early is NOT a good sign for the winter. Take care of what you have to bro! There will be more shows next summer! Hey maybe we can plan a trip through the mountains around here again!!!

Take care Mirror, our prayers are with you.

No big deal Nick take care of your own. If thing’s change let me know.

If you need anything just give me a holer

Crazy…glad ya’ll are ok.

  • Darron

That is so insane. Will be praying for ya.


I apologize for how long it took to post these pictures. My phoneline/DSL didn’t work. I took the pick of the litter when it comes to the photo’s taken.


This is the morning after the storm.


Middle of the street.


Further down the street


Next door neighbor’s home.




My shovels are in there. Son of #%&$@!




My mother’s home.


My Step-Father’s street.



Mass Flooding under bridges. Lok closely at the second image, you will see there were 2 cars, possible more.

Hey Nicky boy!

We missed you today at the car show! It was such an awesome event. I sorry you guys (my sister included) had to go through that. Its almost as bad as it was down here in the spring with the floods. BTW was that bridge picture taken in Niagra? I recognize the bridge.

No…that picture was taken between Walden and Broadway on Transit Rd. That would be in Cheektowaga.

Yeah, I would have liked to be there. Today they did come to removed the tree limbs that we had on our front lawn. I asked a guy how long they were going to be here; his estimate was month. I hope to see pictures of what I missed.

Man that is crazy. Your Z buried was rather crazy too. Kinda funny, but crazy.