Wisconsin anyone?

Anyone from Wisconsin?

me, im Ryan from La Crosse

Nice ride man. We will have to meet up sometime.

I’m from WI chris, I’m the loser who called you about the tensioner release on our cars. So you guys are going to the car meet in late july, I guess I’ll have to be there and meet you guys. sounds like a plan, I’m already paying for my apartment in Milwaukee over the summer I might as well stay in it a couple times.

I’m not from WI, but I’ll be at the show…July 24th. Actually, I’ll be up there a day or two before and won’t leave 'till the next day. Hope to see ya’ll there (I know I’ll see Chris, but hopefully you others come up/down too.)

  • Darron

Eau Caire here, hopefully Milwaukee soon though

Sweet should def get some of us together soon before summer is out.

Hello everyone,
my name is jake and im from wisconsin as well. I have a 99 zx2, its red and a 5 speed. All ive done is chop the exaust and am putting a short throw shifter in. I was going to put in turbo, but i lost my tranny so that put a halt to the turbo. A little side note, my brother is gitt24_84

oh… wheres he been these days? I havent seen him on in a while…

I got my short shifter in my car on wednesday, luckily it came in on the only day i had off. Its pretty sweet, it was pain to put in, and i had to take off my heat shield, but the benefits make up for that. THe pattern is so tight now, its great. I also replaced the stock boot with one my brother had, it has a carbon fiber look to it. All in all, i couldnt be happier. For $66 its a good investment.

Wisconsin here also… whitehall to be exact… about 40 miles maybe a little more north of La Crosse…RedZetecZx2 we should meet up sometime.

For Sure midwestzx2… just let me know and we can meet up… i live just north of la crosse in holmen so im just a lil closer 2 u… do you have a cardomain page or any pics of ur car??

So as not to thread jack, if you don’t have a cardomain page, but you have pics of your car, you can upload them for hosting here on the site (http://www.zx2ms.com) Very easy to do, but if you need help let us know. - FF

i know this post is old but i stumbled upon it, and would like to say hi to my fellow zx2uners in Wisconsin. Gotta love that dairy air!

Hey where ya from?

Dairiare? Yeah, the ZX2 has a great butt! :wink:

  • Darron

i am from the booming metropolis of Eureka, Wisconsin about 20 miles NW of Oshkosh(where EAA is, if your familiar). Eureka’s Population is 102, lol. ZX2ms i see your from Mad Town, thats only 1.5 hours away from me(doing the speed limit of course)

Hey man, I’m from New London, not more than a half an hour away from oshkosh, we should meet up sometime.

Yeah man definitly, just let me know when you’d wanna meet up. As far as location Oshkosh seems like a good place to meet, seeing as it’s bout 1/2 hour for you and 20 mins for me. Then we could go cruise and eat up some ricers.

Hey dont forget about me. I’ll definently tag along to smoke some ricers. GITT24_84 is my brother, and i also live in New London. Been ahile since ive been on here. I enlisted in the Marine Corps and went to basic training so ive been gone fore awhile. But im back and ready to smoke some ricers.